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Prof. MD Katsutaro Nagata 1948-2022

Our great friend and appreciated doctor, Katsutaro Nagata. 29th June 1948 - 11th November 2022.

He will always be in our memory

Frankl in Terezin 1942-1944 人生に一つの課題をもっているという意識以上に、外界の困難や内面の苦悩を克服する力を人間に与えるものはない。 ©Photo H.Mori
The Japanese Society of Existential Therapy Vol.16 No.1 2017

Prof. Dr.med.Katsutaro Nagata, Tokyo

Katsutaro Nagata, M.D. & Ph.D., born June 29, 1948 in Uchibamacho, Japan, is WHO professor, psychosomatic medicine and psychopharmacology and Assistant Professor of the Health Administration Center and Director of Psychosomatic Medicine, Hamamatsu University. 

Dr. Nagata received his M.D. in 1977 and his Ph.D. in 1986. Some of his professional assignments are:

  • Director, Chinese Mental Health Association, (Beijing)
  • President, International Study Board of Comprehensive Medicine (Tokyo)
  • Director, Viktor Frankl Institute of Japan
  • President, Japanese Society of Existential Therapy
  • Director, Japanese Society for the Study of Chronic Pain and Traditional Oriental Medicine
  • President, Japanese Society for the Study of Intractable pain
  • Director, Japanese Psychosomatic Association
  • Director, Japanese Society for Dying with Dignity 

He is author or co-author of 172 books and 254 journal articles, and has contributed a total of 512 presentations at Medical Conferences. He is editor of several scientific periodicals, for example

  • Journal of Comprehensive Medicine, the official journal of the Japanese Society of Existential Therapy
  • Section of Psychosomatic Medicine, Journal of the Viktor Frankl Institute (Vienna), 1993-1998
  • Journal of Japanese Society for the Study of Chronic Pain

The latest of many conferences presided by K. Nagata was the 12th Japanese Society of Existential Therapy (attached to "2006 International Congress of Psychotherapy in Japan and The Third International Conference of the Asian Federation for Psychotherapy", 2006. 

In appreciation of his work Dr. Nagata received the "Medicus Hippocraticus Award" at the First International Medical Olympiad, 1996, and the Albert Schweitzer Gold Medal 2002. Also, he was appointed Honorary Member of Polish Academy of Medicine (Warshaw 1994) and Honorary Counselor of International Institute of Universalistic Medicine (Warshaw 1995). 



ハラルド・モリは1987年にウィーンでヴィクトール E. フランクル教授の弟子兼助手となり、その関係は1997年に教授が亡くなるまで続いた。


R. Verres, K. Nagata, H. Mori
Prof.Dr.Katsutaro Nagata, Tokyo
Harald Mori
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