Introduction for my Russian Students:

Dear  students of the Viktor Frankl Center in Sankt Petersburg!

Dear collegues interested in life and work of Viktor E. Frankl!

I am very happy, to have the possibility to support you in your educational program in Logotherapy and Existential Analysis. On January 30th 1987 I had my first deep encounter with Professor Viktor Frankl. At that time I was a medical student and turned later in finishing my education in psychotherapy. Until the death of Viktor Frankl in 1997 I became his student, companion and assistant in his university lectures at the Medical University of Vienna. Frankl held his last university lecture on October 21st 1996.

From 1997 to 2005 I continued the Viktor Frankl Lecture together with the chief of the psychiatric department of the Medical University of Vienna. Since 2003 and still continuing I am the lecturer for the “Viktor Frankl Seminar” at the Medical University of Vienna. In addition I also educate future psychotherapists according to the works of Viktor Frankl since 17 years for now.

2005 I started my international lecturing in South America, Japan, USA, Canada, South Korea, Europe and 2010 in Kazan, Russia. My focus of activity lays in my private practice since 25 years, in psycho-oncology and in teaching Viktor Frankl´s concept of psychotherapy, what I like to do as president of the MFA (Medical Viktor Frankl Association Vienna) in a very authentic and modern way.

I apply the concept of Logotherapy successfully in my daily practice with mentally ill patients and with persons in critical situations of life. Frankl´s therapy  in combination with modern research in the field of psychotherapy proves to be a very effective therapeutic approach to support and heal psychologically stressed people.

I am looking forward to elaborate together with you relevant elements of the work of Viktor Frankl and to demonstrate, how effectively Logotherapy can help the suffering man – the homo patiens.

Harald Mori 

Original handwriting of Viktor E. Frankl, Terezin concentration camp 1942-1944

“There is nothing in the world, that could enable a human being so much to overcome outer embarrassments or inner afflictions, than: the consciousness of having a challenge in life”  

Dr. Viktor Frankl

Viktor E. Frankl, Terezin, 1942-1944 ©Photo H.Mori ©

Autobiograpy of Viktor Frankl - Author of Man´s Search for Meaning

Viktor Frankl died on September 2nd 1997 in Vienna, Austria. In the same year his autobiography was published in English in a translation by Joseph and Judith Fabry, who were close friends to Viktor and Elly Frankl.

The choosen title is : "Viktor Frankl Recollections" . An Autobiography (the only one, written by Frankl himself). Inside a foreword by Joseph Fabry (Berkeley, California) can be found as well as the English translation of the foreword by Martina Gast-Gampe (Munich, Germany) from the original  first edition in German from the year 1995. (Viktor Frankl´s  90th Birthday).

Viktor Frankl Recollections 1997, Plenum, NY
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